Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Post about Running

Although I do enjoy running, and have been running more regularly the past few weeks, I just find it hard to write about running.

I mean, what do I say?  Went for a run, was tired, it was hot, ate some cereal?

Well that's pretty much what my run on Sunday was like.

I think it must have been one of the hottest days ever.  I also didn't plan ahead, slept in until 8:30 and thus didn't start my run until almost 9.  The plan was to get over 10 k in preparation for the New Balance Real Run which is fast approaching however after about 7 k I had sucked every last drop out of my water bottles and was just about ready to collapse on the side of the road and be left for dead.

I did make it home (eventually, with a shameful time) and realized that I've learned a few lessons:

1. NEVER run after 8am or before 5pm outdoors - you're just asking for trouble if you do.

2. ALWAYS bring some gel packs on a run 10k or more.

3. ALWAYS carry some cash because if I truly needed to get home with help, I would have had no way of paying for a cab.

Really, I already knew all this but apparently I needed to be reminded.  Since I'm going away for a girls weekend in a few days I probably won't get a chance to do a long run - but the next time I do I will try to make it a more successful one!

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