Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Good Weekend

As my weekend starts to come to a close, I've realized that I haven't posted in a few days and have had a few great meals.  First off, my friend and I attended the Borders Book Sale Friday after work and spent about 2 hours waiting in the checkout line.  It was crazy but also helped me realize that I will never attend another crazy Singapore sale again.

After that, I was so ravenous that I knew I wouldn't be able to make dinner.  I decided to meet Justin for Indian food at our favourite spot in Little India for some Chicken Malai Kebab and Paneer Makhni - our go-to dishes.  We also added Tandoori Shrimp to the menu and had no regrets.  I thoroughly stuffed myself and downed a few king cans of Kingfisher for good measure - it was excellent.

Saturday was a pretty quiet day and we had booked movie tickets for the evening.  For a quick supper beforehand, I made this pasta - except with a few changes.  I only used about 200g beef and topped up with the chorizo sausage I had sitting around in lieu of the bacon.  I also limited the amount of cheese on this thing.

This morning I also decided to use up all the blueberries we had by making these blueberry pancakes and lemon blueberry muffins.  The pancakes were delish and the muffins turned out pretty well too, though I'm still trying to find the perfect muffin recipe - I want giant muffins that burst out of the wrapper!

We were so hungry after our run this morning (I got to 10K for the first time in months - 1:00:00 flat) that I completely forgot to take a photo until all that was left was this teeny piece slathered in syrup...oh well.

My friend from Brisbane sent me this "Sweet Bush Spice" for my birthday gift and I thought I'd top the muffins with it since I didn't have any cane sugar.  It has a strong taste on its own, but was pretty much overpowered by the blueberries.  I'll have to give it a try on something else.

Overall, I think I've had a pretty successful weekend.  I think I might even have time to do some reading before we head out for an East Coast Seafood Dinner - Chili Crab and Prawns, yum!

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