Sunday, September 4, 2011

Running has begun!

Yesterday morning I ran 10k for the first time in A WHILE.  I haven't run 10k or more since I ran the half marathon in May, which is pretty bad.  But to be honest, I was in Australia/Canada for 6 weeks of that and I did run while I was on holiday, just not as much as I probably should have.

Anyways, after my run I was BEAT.  I still got a bunch of stuff done around the house, but my legs were TIRED.  This run made me realize how far I have to go before I'll be ready to do my next HM in December.  I'll be running another 10k this weekend and will do a bunch of other runs this week too.

I've already gotten off schedule for my running though...because I ran yesterday I took today off to rest which means I'll be off-track for the rest of the week.  But as long as I get three runs in before Saturday I'll be happy.

Looking forward to getting back into shape!  Next time I won't take such a long break....I hope.

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