Wednesday, September 14, 2011

running has not begun...

Despite what I said a couple of weeks ago, my training has not begun.  I have barely exercised at all over the last two weeks, in fact.  This is probably the least amount of exercise I have experienced since December 2008 when I was 25 pounds heavier.

I could say that I have been sick and haven't had the energy to get up in the mornings.

I could say that work has been crazy lately and I don't have the time.

While both of those statements are true, in the last 3 years I have not allowed myself to make excuses like that.  For the past year I have regularly run at least 3 times a week whenever possible (ie. In the country or at least a country where it is feasible to exercise) and I truly love it.  It makes me feel great all day long, it makes eating sweets (like the British Cadbury bar I got today) so much more enjoyable and I truly feel like a strong person when I am running.

But I need a break.

For some reason, my body just seems to be telling me - sleep, don't push yourself.  And I've listened.  And it's been good.  But it has also reminded me how much I miss running, how I miss getting a good sweat on early in the morning as I jog past the tai chi class by the canal.  It's a good running path, and I love how I start my run in the pitch dark and finish it as the sun is beginning to rise above the buildings.

I'm going to do that run tomorrow!

But first, I'm going to make some chocolate cake.

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