Thursday, September 1, 2011

My first shortcrust pastry

So I finally came home from work early enough yesterday to take my new food processor out.  I found a basic shortcrust pastry recipe on BBC, though it didn't make quite as much as I would have liked so the pastry was rather thin.

Here's the recipe that I used for the filling:
4 white mushrooms, chopped
100 g baby spinach, steamed and drained
3 large slices of deli ham, chopped
150ml Cream
5 eggs
Pepper and Thyme for seasoning

Scatter all the meat and veggies into the cooked pastry crust.  In a bowl, whisk eggs lightly and add cream, pepper and thyme.  Pour the egg mixture into the crust and bake 40 mins at 200C.  Top with some grated cheese.

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