Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Night Dinner

When I was growing up, Sunday night dinner was quite often roast beef, potatoes, veggies and of course, yorkshire puddings.  It was always a great meal.

In Singapore it is mostly unheard of to have an oven on for such a long period of time.  A lot of condos and apartments don't even have ovens in them since few Asian dishes require it.  I insisted on an oven of course.  How on earth would I have been able to live without warm chocolate chip cookies, home made pizza, or the blueberry muffins I made yesterday??

Anyways, last night I did not have a roast.  I did not use my oven.  Instead, I met some friends out at East Coast Seafood Center for a Singaporean classic - Chili Crab.

Yup, that's it - Anthony Bourdain has eaten it on one of his shows as well as a few other foodies.  The Sri Lankan Crab is cooked in this wonderful sauce that has a great consistency thanks to the added eggs.  Personally, I rarely eat the crabmeat.  Although the meat is sweet and wonderfully tender, I just can't be bothered mucking about with crackers and forks.  I'm perfectly happy dousing my rice in this wonderful chili sauce.

Of course we also ordered a ton of other dishes including the less famous, but equally delicious black pepper crab, steamed and fried buns for dipping and mopping up sauce, and some veggies for good measure.  This one here is kangkong with sambal sauce - delish!

Even though I rarely eat the crab, this is still one of my favourite Singaporean meals and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling through.  There are hundreds of restaurants that serve it and people will always recommend where to get "the best", but for a first timer you're better off going to one of the east coast venues since you also get to sit on the coast and enjoy a comfortable breeze from the ocean.  Jumbo, No Signboard, and Longbeach are all great.

Overall it was a great night.  I was particularly thankful that I finished a 10K that morning so I didn't have to feel guilty about the meal!

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