Monday, October 3, 2011

I love my friend Kathryn

My friend Kathryn is the best.

She lives in Brisbane, Australia - the closest western country to Singapore (that is also packed with tons of delicious foodie treats).  Every once in a while she sends some culinary goodies my way, which makes an ordinary day feel like Christmas!  
Most of the freckles above are gone, but I'm still trying to think of what to make with these choc bits...
I also got this sweet cook book:

It is hundreds of pages of amazing recipes

AND I also got this super amazing recipe planner book, which is way better than the sticker-covered plastic box that I've been using since high-school.

These treats are going to keep me entertained for HOURS!  Kathryn is the best :)  All I need now is the time to actually sit down and take a look at them....hmmm...probably not until my reports are done and the school concert is over.  That also means less recipe blogs this week but I do have one or two new recipes to share and a couple of other surprises too!  I swear, I am interesting - don't abandon me yet!

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  1. You make me laugh! Glad you enjoyed the goodies. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the choc chips. I always buy a bag and intend to make something with them, but more times than not, I end up just eating them straight from the packet. My friend Andy said that he always put his choc chips in the freezer because he likes to eat them frozen. Weird, but maybe you can try it. Keep up the baking and blogging. xx