Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Australia Part 1

I'm back!  I didn't fall off the face of the earth or quit blogging - don't worry.

I just spent 9 days in Sydney and Melbourne (and everything in between) which was quite a wild ride.  I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful sunny day on a 4 hour bike tour of Sydney and even got out for a couple of runs while I was away as well (I think my spark is back - but that's another story).  It was a vacation of highs and lows but I did manage to eat some great food including fresh fish and chips, pies and mash, vanilla slice, frozen yogurt, and lots and lots of wine :)

But here's one of my favourite meals of the week.  Last Saturday we took a wine tour of Yarra Valley, about an hour outside of Melbourne.  We stopped for lunch and a tasting at Rochford Estates - home to a couple of great Chardonnays.

In order to get away from the plethora of red meat we'd been eating during the trip I decided to order the Beetroot and Feta Risotto

I do like beetroot but this was pretty heavy on it.  If I hadn't been so sick of meat I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this as much but it was just what I needed on that particular day.

Justin, also a bit tired of the red meat, ordered the salmon and minestrone

I got a few bites of this and it was great.  I had no idea how the chef was going to combine fish and a vegetable soup but he/she did a fantastic job.

Although the weather wasn't fantastic that day the wine was plentiful and delicious.  My personal favourite was Domain Chandon - a sister of Moet.  We were offered a free glass of champagne with our tour and then for only $5 more we were offered a 10 sample wine flight!  I definitely had a nap after that.  

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