Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workout Wednesday round two!

I was scheduled to run 18k in preparation for my half marathon which is only TWO WEEKS away.

I ran 10k.

3 days late.

It was fine, except for the fact that my knees felt like they were two pieces of grinding metal - heat, sparks and all.  That's probably not surprising since I haven't really been running all that much the last few weeks.

My new theory is that I will run for as long and as often as I feel like it.  So WHAT if I have a half marathon in 2 weeks?  So WHAT if I don't have the perfect body? If I'm not having fun with it, then I shouldn't be doing it.  I already do a whole bunch of stuff EVERY DAY that I don't have fun doing.  I don't want running to become one of those things.

Despite the knee pain the run was fantastic and seems like this week is a "renaissance" (that's what I'm teaching these days) of my motivation into exercise.  All I have to do is stop watching so much TV so I can get everything else done that I've got on my to-do list.

By the way, watching the Big C - it's hilarious.

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