Monday, November 14, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I've been wanting to make a chicken for a while now.  I've never actually cooked a whole chicken before.  Due to last night's experience I probably won't again...

Doesn't that just look so...British?  It was delicious, thanks to Jamie Oliver's recipe (sticking a lemon up the butt is his secret).

Unfortunately it was quite the experience getting to this point.  First, I mis-read Jamie's recipe and didn't realize until 6pm that this chicken was going to take 2 hours to cook.  My bad.

The best part though, was another mid-reading.  When I read the label on the chicken I assumed that "with head and feet" meant that these "appendages" were tucked away neatly into a little separate bag that I could throw away - immediately.  This is the way it works with Turkeys back home - there's a little sack inside that has some of the "sweetmeats, etc" that you can use, or discreetly toss.  This was not the case last night.

The feet and head were still on the chicken.  I'll spare you photos.

Part of me is thinking right now, is this how it normally is?  Am I just an idiot for thinking there wouldn't be a head and webbed toes on my chicken?  

I didn't give up, though at the moment of meeting eyes with that little chick I wanted to.  I toughened up quickly, grabbed my pink apron, heavy-duty scissors and giant wok knife and hacked away at the neck and legs of that bad boy until the job was done.  I left that kitchen a completely different person.

It was a good meal but seeing the face of that chick-chick was almost enough to make me go vegetarian.  Almost.

I'm probably better off buying a cooked bird at the grocery store for $12, no?

Part 2 comes tomorrow when I make a soup out of the carcass.  Geez I'm sounding like a real carnivore today.  Maybe I should donate some money to PETA to make myself feel better.


  1. wow, cant believe you hacked off the head and and no in North America the chicken does not come that way!
    Good for you for sticking with it.

  2. Thanks, It wasn't easy but I couldn't just waste that little bird's life! Not sure if I'd do it again though!