Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Round 1

Ok, to be honest, it's actually round two.  I tried to start a blog a couple of years ago when I first moved to Singapore but I never followed through with it.  I think is managed 2 or 3 measly posts and then got caught up in another one of my crazy, random hobbies!
Nevertheless, I have decided to give blogging another try.  This is mostly to keep track of many things going on in my life; my photography (I'm just a beginner), my developing cooking skills, my running schedule, my life as a teacher, my life in Singapore...who knows where this blog will take me?  To be honest, I'm actually pretty excited this time, and I'm really, REALLY going to try to keep up with this one.

So what's going on in my life right now that is so special?? Well the beginning of a new school year of course!  I was just telling my students how I much prefer to begin my New Year's resolutions on the first day of school because for a teacher, that's when the new year begins!  I've been teaching my new classes for a week now, and all seems to be going well - the kids are still in the "honeymoon phase" so nothing too exciting has happened yet.

I've also signed up for my second half marathon - the Singapore Standard Chartered which is to be held in December.  Before that I have a 10k as well, and I'd like to improve my time for both distances.

Lastly, after a summer of relaxation, I have decided to become more committed in the kitchen.  I truly do love to cook but I often find myself repeating the same old easy recipes.  My hope is to find some new recipes that are just as easy that I can work into my routine, as well as experiment with some more interesting recipes on the weekends.

I'm looking forward to this new school year - new goals, ideas and plans.  I suppose I really only have one main goal though - to follow through on my goals!!!!

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