Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Birthday Present!

It was my birthday about a week ago and all my super-awesome friends in Singapore decided to pool together and get me a gift card for Tangs (the equivalent of the Bay or Sears but in Asia).  After much hemming and hawing I decided that I would finally splurge on my very first FOOD PROCESSOR!

My husband came with me to the store and was quite surprised that this is what I decided to purchase with my gift card and asked "What can you do with it?"  After showing him the brochure he realized that you can actually do a whole lot of things with it - shortcrust pastry, juicing, chopping, slicing, purees, pestos, etc.

I am so excited to just rip the box open and start playing with it - and as you can see I've already bought a tart pan so that means lemon tart and quiche coming up soon!  But alas, tonight we're taking a new Canadian expat out for dinner at Wine Connection, which I imagine will also be delicious but not quite as adventurous.  Well, more recipes to come soon hopefully!

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