Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm nothing new?!

Alright, day two and I'm still committed to my goal of following through with my goals - hurrah!  Last night I slept so well after getting my blog started that I might just make blogging a regular pre-sleep activity, it feels great to get some stuff off my mind.

When I decided to start my blog, which was actually a little while ago, I first decided that my blog needed a catchy and easy-to-search name.  With my goals of running and cooking in play, there were a lot of cliche phrases that came to mind; eat, sleep, run - run to eat - I can't even remember them all but the point I'm trying to make is that all of them were taken!  I realized quite quickly that my concept, interests and maybe even personality were nothing ideas have been there and done that.

At first I found this idea somewhat depressing.  I quickly realized that I was not going to become a .com sensation and make a fortune blogging about my life - I was simply going to become one of many.  And those bloggers who have come before me have been around for a while, establishing territory, making a name for themselves, basically being the trailblazer that I have always hoped I would one day become.

I have decided that it doesn't matter.  No two people are the same.  My experience trying to stay healthy and cook good food in a place like Singapore is quite unique and my life as a teacher adds tons of unpredictability to my life.  I would have to say that no day is ever the same over here (except the weather) and I'm still pretty excited about my ideas.  I know that the largest obstacle that I still have to overcome is myself...can I actually commit to a long term relationship with my computer?

In terms of running, I woke up easily this morning and was able to complete 36 minutes of "half-mile sprints".  I'm just trying these for the first time and find the name somewhat confusing....I measure my distance in kilometers and don't know if my sprints were actually a half-mile since I can't quite do that conversion in my head while also sprinting.  I was pretty proud of myself for completing about 6k in that time though.

Tonight I improved upon a recipe I had found last week in an awesome magazine I picked up at the Brisbane Airport.  The recipe was for Pork Pho - a Vietnamese soup dish - which if you can find a good restaurant, may just be the best meal on earth.  My 30 minute version holds up pretty nice though....once I can figure out how to add links and such to my blog I will add the recipe.

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