Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Terry Fox Run

Last Sunday was the annual Singapore Terry Fox run.  It's organized by some of Justin's colleagues so it's an easy way to get anther competition into my running routine.  Knowing that this run was coming up motivated me to run more frequently and push myself harder than I have in a while.

It was a really fun run without a whole lot of hoopla and best of all it raised money for a great cause.  I sometimes wonder if Terry is able to get a glimpse of what he created during his short life.

I finished the run in 57 minutes flat - not my best but not my worst either.  It has given me a good benchmark for the year.  I've already said to Justin that we will run another 10k in a month in the hopes of reducing our times.  There's a vertical run (10k plus stair climb up a skyscraper) at the end of Feb that I'm pretty sure I'll enter.

Lesson learned: if you feel yourself slipping in your exercise routine - sign up for something competitive.  This doesn't have to be a run - it could be a sport, a mountain climb, a swim - anything!  I find once you shell out a bit of money and tell some friends - your ego and your wallet will keep you training regularly!

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