Friday, January 6, 2012

December, in a Nutshell

The month of December was a blur.  So much happened that I didn't even have time to BLOG about it!

I really have to find a way to be more consistent with my postings.

So what was I so busy doing, you ask?

Here's the re-cap:

I ran the Singapore Standard Chartered Half Marathon.  It was actually a pretty good run for me considering I've spent the last few months eating baked goods instead of training.  With a time of 2 hours and 17 minutes it wasn't my best run, but I was happy with it.  I was especially happy that I was able to find Justin after the race, amongst tens of thousands of runners and even more spectators!  An interesting experience, but I think my next half marathon will have to be outside of Singapore - I need a change - and a more agreeable climate.

I completed my Christmas Baking!  After weeks of talking about it, I made some old favourites and experimented with some new recipes as well.  It was relaxing but also time-consuming.  I think next year I'll cut down since I don't have that many people to eat these cookies and I think my work colleagues are getting overwhelmed by too much sugar.  Not to mention the five pounds of butter it took to make it all and the fact that those Christmas M&M's cost $8 - yikes!

I went home for the holidays and New York for New Year's!  Man it was rushed but I managed to fly home,  plan and execute my Mom's 50th birthday party, finish Christmas shopping and wrapping, pick Justin up from the airport, attend 3 Christmas dinners, met up with as many friends as I could for quick dinners/lunches out, drove to Buffalo to fly to NY, enjoyed 4 nights in NYC, and even got a few exercises in during that crazy mayhem.  I definitely got grouchy and cranky at times, most of it coming out on Justin but it was great to see everyone.  Thank you so much to everyone who made time for us, let us sleep at their places, and cooked for us.  One day we'll be able to return the favour, I hope!!

Here's to a great 2012 for everyone!  I've got some great new recipes to try out in January and lots of exercise to do in order to burn off all my turkey dinners!!

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