Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 Things I love about Singapore

1. I have a pool and I can use it any day of the year.

2. My students are from pretty much every country in the world and don't feel the need to start some violent gang about it.

3.  The Indian food is amazing.  And served on an ACTUAL Banana Leaf.

4. An early morning run as the sun rises along my favourite route - leafy trees covering the path and a canal alongside.

5. I can fly to Thailand (or Malaysia, Indonesia...) for the weekend and pay around $100 US for a plane ticket.

6. Being able to buy my movie tickets in advance (and pick my own seat too!).  No more getting to the theatre 30 minutes before the movie starts!

7.  An unbelievably clean, efficient and reliable transit system.  I can get to work for about $1.50 and not have to step on anything unpleasant or deal with weird smells (what is up with the smell of the TTC by the way?)

8.  The influence of other cultures, specifically Australian.  How did I ever live before experiencing Bundaburg Ginger Beer, Soft Licorice, or my good friend, Kathryn? :)

9.  Obviously, the amount of money we're able to save.  We wouldn't be here if that wasn't a factor...would we?

10.  The Singapore Zoo!  I love, love, love this place!  I feel like getting a membership, actually.  There is something so magical about those Orangutans.


  1. those are great things about singapore!

  2. Awww, I miss SIngapore so much! As for your good friend Kathryn, she has not been such a great friend. Looking forward to chatting when we both have 5 minutes spare! Keep up the blogging! xxxx

  3. Love #2! I love Singapore because it makes me appreciate how truly cheap our alcohol is in Canada. Also, I love walking home along East Coast Park...ocean breezes and palm trees. I love the mix of cultures here too, Indian, Malay, Chinese, plus all us expats (again,no violent gangs required). I admit I love the shopping, so many malls, so little time.